NorVision sells you books (we do mostly eBooks and audioBooks) at the percentage of commission that is agreed in writing. If we have had any work with Author / Publishers product, as making audiobook, that agreement can not be revoked, it is shared copyright forever.

The advantage of the Author and Publisher to sell their books in our online bookstore, is that the cost of marketing of the literature we are interested in, this cost are shared by all, and their books will have a much wider potential, than if each take care of the marketing themselves.

The Author / Publisher have full control of what is sold, day per day, as per the Statement of Account, updated for each order of products, by login to their account and can view..

Every time the Author / Publisher have a sale from our site, he will receive an email, so physical books will have to be sent from them, return address to be provided in the package. Shrink-wrapped or sealed product that has been opened and/or removed from original packaging may not be returned, according to our return policy, so better vacuum plastic pack the books, than they can never be returned. eBooks and audioBooks is available direct from our site, upon payment. PDF eBook are stamped with customer name and email, encrypted, to make it a little less probably customers will share the eBooks.

The balance on the Statement of Account is transferred to Author / Publisher monthly, and never less than 30 days after the customer have received the book/product. Amount less than $250 will not be transferred before accumulated above.

For physical books the Author/Publisher need to give us two shipping rates, one from inside home country, and one rate international, world wide, both with tracking, will be added to the customers bill. Author/Publisher must mark the order in his dashboard on our site, when book is sent. Customer will them be notified by email the book is underway.

The Author/Publisher initially register and log in as regular user, as a buyer here. We will upgrade from standard user to “Author” or “Publisher” manually upon agreement.