Anglo Saxon Supremacy

Anglo Saxon Race Contributions to the world.

The difference between the Law of Survival under the reign of which animals make their way in the world, and the Law of Survival by the observance of which human beings attain supremacy, is infinite. According to the Law of Survival which prevails among animals and plants, only the fittest, the physically strongest, have any promise of a career. The living creatures in the natural world tend to multiply at so rapid a rate that any one species, were it not kept in check, would in a few generations over-populate the globe and utterly outgrow all possible means of subsistence.

Bishop Randolph S. Foster calculated that if all the English sparrows that are hatched were permitted to live and propagate their species, it would not be many generations before enough of them would come into existence to cover the face of the earth more than a mile deep.

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John L. Brandt

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John L. Brandt


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Sagaheim, The Gorham Press, Boston, U. S. A.

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1915, 2024


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