England – The Remnant Of Judah

Frederick Robert Augustus Glover (1800-1881), født i Bath, Somerset, England. Chaplain and Rector to the Consulate at Cologne. Book published by Rivingtons, London, 1861.

“THE INTENT of these pages is to PROVE,

FIRST, that as, England is, in God’s providence in possession of a Certain Stone, called JACOB’S PILLOW, which is the Seat of the Coronation Throne of the Empire, cherished and protected by her, in a very special manner, as her Chiefest National Muniment; so also, if it be the case that the Stone be Jacob’s Pillow,
SECONDLY, there must have been THE SEED ROYAL OF JUDAH to sit upon it, as certainly, if not as manifestly as,
It has, THIRDLY, THE STANDARD OF JUDAH to wave above it: and, herein, that she, England, is entitled to be considered “The Remnant of Judah.”
And again to show that the THREE are, at the appointed time, when Judah and Israel are to return to “their own land,” also to return together to that place from which they, together, came, now some 2400 years since, under the care and leading of the Prophet JEREMIAH, who established them in Ireland; his mission and action being a
FOURTH point to be proved: inasmuch as the mission of that illustrious Prophet was, at that time, to do the will of the Lord in “planting and building” in another land, that which he had been equally commissioned to “pluck up,’ “” root out,” and “destroy,” in his own: viz. the Throne, the Seed and the Polity of Judah.”

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Frederick Robert Augustus Glover

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