HOLODOMOR. Famine and Starvation in Ukraine by Design

“Nobody who’s acting in good faith would come after the people who put food on our tables. The war on farming is part of a larger global agenda of control: the UN’s Agenda 2030. It’s simple: once you control the food, you control the people.” – Eva Vlaardingerbroek at X.

“Mao attacked the Chinese farmers and shut down the food supply, to destroy the people. Stalin did the same. Now, they’re back at it again saying that farmers need to stop farming to save the planet. In Russia 1921, there was a state run operation called Operation Trust, where soviet citizens were informed through state produced propaganda that forces of good were working hard behind the scenes and that no action was required on the public’s part to push back on the evil invading the country. Now we have Q and “trust the plan”. It’s just one very old group and it’s this same group getting ready to decimate us again. We have one chance to awaken here. One chance or the cycle starts all over again …. “ – Jason Christoff

“The weaponization of the food system is one aspect of a much larger strategy to create a control grid over the entire global population. The food control grid has four key elements: poisoning the food supply, manufacturing shortages, consolidating food and water systems, and weaponizing aid while tracking the food and the people. “



Jarle Johansen

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