Lost Israel Found In the Anglo-Saxon Race

This information have been strict sensored information last 100 years.

Reverend Elihu Parsons (often referred to as E.P.) Ingersoll, born on September 20, 1804, in Springfield, MIS, USA, and passed away on March 29, 1887, was a prominent writer in the Christian Identity movement, also known as Rewording: The terms “British-Israelism” or “Anglo-Israelism” are used to refer to the same concept. This is the belief that the Anglo-Saxon race represents the Lost Tribes of Israel mentioned in the Bible, they was taken captive to the Caucasian area by the Assyrians 732 years before Christ. The fact that North America is considered the place where the re-gathered Israelites reside is actively suppressed in today’s society. The Jewish people desire to retain control over the land of Palestine and uphold their status as the “chosen people,” using this identity to its fullest extent to accomplish their religious and political objectives.

In John 8:33 the Jews admit to Jesus they are not Israelites: “not been slaves to anyone” (not in Egypt).

People who advocate the belief that “Anglo-Saxons are Israel” face offensive language from Jews, which could be considered hate speech and “anti-Semitism” if used against Jews. Nevertheless, this notion is not a recent concept and has been repressed. In this passage, we shows how this idea is not new but has existed for more than a century in this book from 1886.

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E. P. Ingersoll, Sagaheim

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