Norse Mythology. The Religion of Our Forefathers

Rasmus B. Anderson was born in Albion in Wisconsin in the USA. His parents Bjørn Anderson Kvelve (1801–1850) and Abel Cathrine von Krogh (1809–1885) were immigrants from Sandeid / Vikedal in Ryfylke in the county of Rogaland. (Source : Wiki ). He was educated at Luther College, in Decorah, Iowa, and began teaching in Albion in 1866. In 1869, he was appointed to the State University of Wisconsin. There Anderson built up the Department of Scandinavian Studies, the first of its kind in the USA, and was appointed professor at the department in 1875.

Anderson saw life as a battle, and from a young age was himself a fighter. As a youth, he had the opportunity to study at Luther College, but before his studies were over, he was expelled from the college, because he had spearheaded a student call against the cadaver discipline at the school. He admired the young Henrik Ibsen, was friends with Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and translated seven of his peasant stories into English. Later, he distanced himself in harsh terms from both Ibsen and Bjørnson, who he thought were unnational and atheistic. In his nearly 700-page autobiography Life Story (1915), he opens by stating – in Norwegian, English and Latin – that life is a war. (Source: )

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Rasmus Bjørn Anderson

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