Secret World Government or The Hidden Hand

With introduction by Harjulf Vikingson, Chicago, 1925;

“Nordic tradition, coupled with exceptional education and training, have given to general Spiridovich the spiritual ardor, the constructive impulse, and the extraordinary perseverance required to make his vast knowledge serve the exigencies of the present by his peculiar power to forecast the future, but it devolves upon the ‘Individual reader to make practical application of it, by refusing to participate in the practices, which engage “Enemies of Humanity.”

It is a war against the Nordic Tribes of the Israelites, and their religion, and King of their kings; Jesus Christ.

Page 17 : “He was dissuaded from following my “way of salvation” and an unparalleled disaster swept him, his family and the Nordic Aryan classes of Russia into oblivion.”

THEY murdered 66 million of our people, the RUS-People. “RUS” means Scandinavian.

Page 115 : “The fact that millions of Christians will know through this book, the plan of destruction, engineered by the Satanists, is sufficient to at least make them postpone it, if not abandon it, and thus give us time to enlighten more people. Then their fell plan would become simply unfeasible. Truth! Truth! Truth! Nothing else is needed to check Satan and his delegates.”

It is clear that Czar Romanov saved the United States (1863). The Russian Tsar sent his royal fleet to US ports.

Who are the Romanovs? They are of the very best Nordic stock. The best Anglo-Saxon women were their wives and mothers.”, says Spiridovic.

Marx Levy, working for Rothschild – who is the King of the Jews


They are 300 men aka “The Anglo – German – American Bankers”, 300 German Jews, also called “Judeo-Mongols” (Khazars) called askeNAZIS or aka ‘The Learned Elders of Zion’, are the 300 members of the ‘Hidden Hand’ world Government of the antiChrists, says Spiridovic. And they (the Rothschilds) began to “destroy” the American Government by killing Lincoln and soon after, in 1867 attempting to kill Alexander II, for having saved the U.S. with his fleet in 1863. Since 1897 the “Hidden hand” have been under the leadership of Rothchild. The Learned Elders of Zion as the Jews call the 300 members of Rothschilds men leading the antiChrist overtaking of the World for their exclusive pleasure and profit. Christ is King of the kings of the World by Gods appointee (Isaiah 9:6), but the ‘Hidden Hand’ wants it different. God will soon repay them. The Israelites (anglo-saxons, Caucasians) should have the Sceptre, not the Jews. Spiridovich shows how it will never be peace in the World, before the Israelites, Christs Chosen People, have the power back to build the World in His image, not in the Edomites image of profit to themselves.

“Only 300 men, each of whom knows all the others, govern the fate of Europe. They elect their successors from their entourage. These German Jews have the means in their hands of putting an end to the form of any State which they find ‘unreasonable’.” (Walter Rathenau, on Dec. 24, 1912, in the “Wiener Presse,” see “Plain English,” June 11, 1921).

This book provided a well-articulated and succinct analysis of Rothschild’s strategy, illustrating how they have orchestrated numerous conflicts and wars over the past century and revealing their ultimate objective to dismantle white communities, nations and Christian faith globally. They are Ashkenazi individuals who have strong Edomite roots and are exerting significant influence worldwide while causing harm to numerous individuals. Israel Shamir contends that the proponents of Communism utilized it as a powerful tool, while Zionism established Israel as a strategic base for global domination. They worship Satan openly by practicing Freemasonry within the B’nai Brith organization. These rituals have been passed down since the time of the Babylonian Exile and involve practices like financial manipulation and mind control through media manipulation, which they consider a form of magic.

Put our faith in Jesus Christ to save your souls; this is the ultimate hope and protection that surpasses any absurdity and wickedness on this evil peoples agendas (Romans 10:9).


(This book is in the public domain by now (copyright free). We do not take payment for writing it or for have any rights to it, only for a finders fee, and making it available on our platform.)


Count Cherep-Spriridovich & Paul Tice

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