The History of Norway

Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen 1848-1895 was a Norwegian-American college professor and author.

“It happened in this way that almost every separate valley in Norway became a little kingdom by itself. Such a diminutive kingdom was called ‘fylki. There was not always a king, but a chief there was always, and sometimes more than one. To the king belonged the leadership in war. He was in some district called jarl or earl, though this name came in later times to mean not an independent ruler, but rather a land-grave, a royal governor. The king could not tax the peasants for his support, nor impose any burden upon them which they did not of their own free choice accept. As a rule, his dignity was inherited by his son, though the people were at liberty, in case they disapproved of the heir, to select another. This right was repeatedly exercised in historic times, both in Sweden and Norway.”

“Odin and his children were called Aesir, which Snorre says means Asia-men ; and their home Asgard^ or Asahehn, likewise indicates their Asiatic origin.”

We know today “asian” is from Assyria, Caucasus area, as the Israelites was taken captive.



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Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen

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Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen






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