The Jews

The’ Jews are an alien body within the society they inhabit–hence irritation· and friction-a problem is presented by the strains thus set up-the solution of that problem is urgently necessary. An alien body in any organism is disposed of in one of two ways: elimination and segregation. Elimination may be by destruction, by excretion or by absorption-in the case of the Jews the first is abominable and, further, has failed–the second means exile: it has also failed-the third, absorption, the· most probable and most moral, has failed throughout the past, though having everything in its favour.  There remains segregation, which may be of two forms: hostile to, or careless of, the alien body, or friendly to it and careful of its good-in this latter form it may best be called Recognition. The first kind of segregation has often been attempted in history-it has been partially successful over long periods-but has always left behind it a sense of injustice and has not really solved the problem–also it has always failed in the end.



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Hillaire Belloc

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