The Lost Ten Tribes

The main idea I wish to convey in this book, is that God is conducting His Providence through His ancient chosen people, Israel, whom I believe are found in the Saxon race. And His throne on earth, through which flow the purposes of Providence, is David’s throne, which I believe to be at present the English throne. Queen Victoria (and God bless her) I believe to be of David’s seed. The United States fulfils the rôle of the Tribe of Manasseh.

Therefore, to understand the prophecies, Providence, and the present movement of nations, as well as the future lot and destiny of each, we must read the Scriptures in this light. God has made the children of Israel and throne of David His executive, in time, on earth. They are His executive for civilisation, evangelisation, order, and conquest. Through them God will conquer the world to an universal peace. As Moses was to God, so is Israel. Moses being a Divine executor, was to the people a god—so is Israel to all mankind. Spiritual Israel will come through literal Israel.

I have expressed myself freely, and shall cheerfully grant reviewers, critics, and readers, the same privilege. I send forth this book with a pure desire that it may do good.

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Joseph Wild

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Joseph Wild








A.A. Beuchamp

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1879, 1919


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