Victoria – Queen of Anglo Israel

Now it came to pass, after Israel was carried away from the land of their fathers, in captivity and punishment for their idolatries and sins against the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, that the Lord scattered them among the nations of the earth ” as fine as wheat” (as the prophets had spoken), “yet was none lost,” save to the histories and knowledge of men.

But the tribe of Judah remained yet at Jerusalem, according to the promise of the Lord unto Solomon (I Kings xi : 13), while the lost tribes of Israel wandered to and fro among the nations, ” persecuted but not forsaken ” ; till many forgot the land of their fathers and were forgotten of them.

And as they sought out a new land, where the soles of their feet might find rest from the sins and oppressions of the nations, a remnant gathered themselves into ” the islands of the uttermost parts of the West,” now called the Islands of Britain. And they dwelt among the people, and became of one blood with them, and sought to be brave and true of heart.

So the Lord remembered His people (though they knew Him not), and His promise to the children of Jacob, that He would turn when they turned unto righteousness, and that verily no weapon formed against them should prosper. So that when Julius, surnamed Caesar, over-ran all the earth, lie subdued not Britain, for the sake of the remnant that was therein. Yet Caesar made him strongholds there for a time.

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