Norwegian Royal Fairhair Family, shared Ancestors with Donald Trump and 42 US presidents

Harald Hårfagre’s (Fairhair) family should be kings in Norway, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson claimed. I will show how right he was, that it had always been the case before the jewish Bernadottes usurped the throne recently, using it for their personal benefits and profits, NOT according to the Biblical instructions from God.

by Jarle Johansen.

Donald Trumps mother come from Lewis at Orkney. Så is my ancestor Harald IV Gilchrist Magnusson Gille. 42 US presidents share the same connection. Trump and me are direct related to Rurik, Prince of Kiev.

The Fairhair family of Norway, Donald Trump and 42 US Presidents are having direct ancestry to Rurik, the founder of Russia, og Kiev-Rus. RUS means “Scandinavian. We Scandinavians of the Israelites tribes sent Rurik as Statholder to Kiev-RUS, the Jews send a cocaine addicted homosexual actor. 🙂

Like our ancestor Joseph was a very successful Stadtholder in Egypt, to the degree that Pharao wouldn’t let our people #Israelites go (Edomite “Jews” admit in John 8:33 they was never in Egypt; “we have never been slaves to anyone“), Rurik was invited to Kiev to rule the barbarians; Duke / Prince of Kiev. Varangian Guards secured christian Byzantine Empire for ages and ages.

Byzantine. The empire was secured to be christian by the Varangian Guards (Scandinavian Vikings)..

Jacob-Israel (Judah) should have the Scepter (Gen. 49:10), says the Bible. All went well as long as Jacob-Israels people (the white race, anglo-saxons & scandinavians) ruled the World after Christs principles of being Servants. Than the Jews of Esau ancestry “became restless” (Gen. 27:40) and made their plans to hijack power at the Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897-98, and become herodian Rulers in Europa and USA, they made our christian culture satanic as themselves, Ref. Rev. 2:9 & 3:9, John. 8:44.



People are confused and deceived on the difference of Jews and Israelites. The Israelites left the Jews (Judah, Benjamin, Levy and the Edomites) alone in Palestine, as the Israelites was taken captive by the Assyrians 732 years before the times of Jesus birthday (B.C.). The Israelites ended up in Europa, Odin (y219 – y270) was for us out of the Assyrian captivity, as Moses was of the Exodus from the Egyptian captivity. Before any idiots start deny this fact, they can read available literature on this site, and return to discuss after in the comment field below.

“You are my refuge and my shield; I have put my hope in your word.”
Psalms 119:114 NIV

Jews was never in Egypt by their own admissions, and admit then they are not Israelites, as ONLY the Israelites was in captivity in Egypt, see John. 8:33; “we have never been slaves to anyone“. Jesus instructed us we should be aware this people is born liars, and normally dies as liars also, ref. John. 8:44.

I am one of those men

We shall see the Fairhair family secured christianity all over Europe and Asia Minor, as Rurik, as our man Joseph in Egypt was so good in statehood that Pharao wouldn’t let our people go, as our Royals in the British Isles from ancient times, Rurik was invited to become the Prince and Duke of Kiev, by the barbarians in the area.

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

From Harald Hårfagre through plenty kings of Sweden this is as far as I have come by now;

I am back in y320, almost reach times of Jesus, this back from Harald Hårfagre

They will live by the sword, by wars and mayhems, Genesis 27:40. That is NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg. Jens is jewish of Edom (askeNazi). Me as an Israelite would secure PEACE, in the Spirit of Jesus Christs instructions.

God instructed that Esau (“Jews”) should be the servant of his younger brother Jacob-Israel (the white race, ref. Genesis 25:23, 27:40). Esau hated his younger brother already in their mothers womb. Mother knew this that Esau was hateful and egoistic, so she decided Jacob-Israel to receive the blessing from his father Isaac. God also said Esau’s sons would break free the “yoke” (burden) of being Jacob’s servant (Genesis 27:40). That is where we are today, in Revelation 20:7, and Rev. 2.9 & 3.9 Synagogue of Satan break free from christian Jacob-Israel’s spirit, to plunge the world into the Satanic universe of Esau (“Jews”). We kept our bloodline pure we can say, all the way back to Rurik “Price of Kiev”, and further to y300 (as far I have managed yet);



My ancestor Rurik and the Varangian Guards, kept the Byzantine empire christian for 1200 years, and free from Jewish subversion. Most of the times Christs civilizations are destroyed from within, trojan horses, by the satanic part of Jewry (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9), the Synagogue of Satan ;

Israelites are under the violent coup d’etat of the Talmudic bolsjevic, repetition of the war against RUS-sia from 1917 murdered 66 million of our people (‘RUS’ means Scandinavian), they today 2023 takes the West, further robbing and killing, the art of murder and stealing they have developed through thousands of years.

The bolsjevik Jews of Edom destroyed our forefathers RUS-sia, the RUS-People, than the Zionists satanists was paying for the bolshevic Jews air-lifted to the Middle East “Israel”, the UN nation, NOT the People, and from there on double dual passports they invaded all the power centers of the USA and Europe, to the extent that once christian USA of Manasseh, like UK of Ephraim (“Ephraim was to vastly out-number Manasseh (Deut.33:17), ten to one“. Britam) , have become a pervert Jewish satanic Babylonian cesspool of barbarians, the closest we can come to Hell on Earth, with the Jews at the helm and leadership of all the former CHRISTIAN nations, exchanging Christian symbols in public with their perverted #PRIDE symbols. A Jewish tikkun olam of all Christlike. So we Israelites are in the prophesied times of Jacobs Trouble

According to the Bible’s promise, God has preserved a “remnant” of Jacob-Israel’s family in Norway intact, from the time of King Harald Hårfagre to today, the entire royal line via Torberg Arnesson in the Giske family to date it is well documented… God keeps his promises to the Israelites.. 58 bishops and priests I have uncovered in my paternal family for the last thousand years so far. The Jews fail to understand that “an eye for an eye” is still valid, they will pay dearly for this rebellion of the Word of God, to SERVE Jacob, not murder all his ancestry. That will be the Jews’ personal “Waterloo”. Every Jew who have kept silence in the face of evil their family have done, is equal responsible. Those who stay silent in the face of evil, holds equal responsibility with the perpetrators.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson claimed Harald Hårfagre’s family should be kings in Norway, unfortunately an edomite Jewish family have hijacked the throne today, just like the edomite converted Herod did in Judea;

European Royals are ALL from Edom/Esau (aka ‘Jews’)

“At Stiklestad, Bjørnson turned the holy battlefield into an arena for a new offensive, an attack directly against the royal power. From “our old Independence’s greatest place”, he declared that the king had to give up his veto, or the people had to give up their king.

The attack on Oscar II was not only of a political nature: “He belongs to another People.” It was about the family itself. Opposing the Bernadottes stood the old, mythical royal tribe, the Hårfagresklet, of which Bjørnson himself believed he was a direct descendant.

The Left’s election victory in 1882 had given the Storting the necessary strength to mount a decisive blow against the King’s veto, the Conservative government was to be impeached. Safely assured that the conflict was on its way, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson left Norway, his wife and children. He exchanged Gausdal for republican Paris. While abroad, he would sit and write poetry. Until the army of peasants called him home to the royal court.

On 27 February 1884, the king’s veto was voted down, and with it the right to rule in Norway was denied.

Bjørnson, for his part, wanted a new royal battle, a dynastic battle between the Jewish-Moroccan-Swedish family Bernadotte and the Norse royal family Bjørnson via Bratt til Hårfagre.”  Kilde.

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (born 8 December 1832 in Kvikne north of Tynset, died 26 April 1910 in Paris) said in a letter to Peter Bjørnson on 31 October 1882 about B’nai Brith  about masonic kings who undermine the nation’s Christian interests, in favor of the Jewish international world empire;

“Of course you must let my friends, and among them W. Konow first and foremost, read this. I add that a man, whose familiarity no one doubts when it comes to Freemasonry, and whose reputation is very high, the other day urgently asked me to enact a law from the parliament, according to which no official can be a member of a society, whose statutes are not public. Urgently, again and again, he asked me for it! – Just that such a proposal comes forward, he said, will do good and make many people think.
“The fatherland-concerned” are led by thugs; that is summa summarum.”

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson was 100% right. It was a mistake on the part of the Norwegian people to agree to let the Bernadottes continue. He demonstrated by going to Paris and staying there, sitting there and writing. THEN they have sinned against Section 1 of the Gulating Act “the first in our Act“; to serve Kvitekrist and God above all, i.e. to keep the country and the nation Christian.

Because God promised in the Bible to look after the family of Israel throughout the century, i.e. the seed of Jacob-Israel (he became Israel when he had fought with God and survived. The name ‘Israel’ means “struggle with God”). God not only looked after them, he made them royalty and nobility, noblemen, and priests – they were to spread and preserve the Gospel of the King of all our Norwegian kings (Gulating Law § 1, Isaiah 9:6). That is my family.

God promised us Israelites that he would preserve us, if we kept the New Covenant, he replaced the old Abrahamic agreement with. My ancestors have done that. I am VERY proud of them, and I will do my best as the “scribe” of the family, before God calls me home. In all our family lines today, it is ONLY me who can write, and who therefore God has prepared for this. My weapon is my keyboard, as the Giske family was central to Stiklestad and the Christianization of Norway, a combination of both the practical Giske family’s weapon in hand, God’s Word is our weapon says Paul (Ephesians. / Eph. 6:17), and Borgen’s side’s academic clergy, that is.

The Norwegian people taught Martin Luther about Protestantism, not the other way around, as we in Norway was Protestant 500 years before Martin Luther. I can show that with my family tree’s priorities. Our ancient kings was baptized in England by the Celts, not by Rome (Source: Marta Steinsviks books).

My priestly ancestors (Levites), fathers bloodline, his fathers side:



This war we undergo today between good and evil is not political mostly, it is spiritual, because it is Satan who can ONLY have power through lies and deception, who is the main enemy, instructing his soulless agenture in human form. The main power of Satan is when he is allowed to operate in the dark, in secret. I hereby let everybody know his schemes and deceptions, lies and evils of Satan’s people (John. 8:44, Rev. 2:9 & 3:9), The Babylonian talmudic Jews.

All persons in Satan’s power who hear the inspirations of Satan inside themselves, whether they are Jews or Greeks, Swedes or Norwegians, the satanic Spirit influencing them are the main problem, more than they personally are the enemy. But if they are not getting rid of their internalized spiritual ruler in them, they are doomed for destruction, to be burn as human trash on Gehenna on #JudgementDay.

If they had come to the conversion of the spirit, they will see it for themselves. The enemies of the past in the time we are in can easily and quickly become the best friends of the future, by their conversion from the satanic to the Christian spirit. EVERYTHING is in God’s hands. We do not know who else God has prepared for this temporal satanic age, to be brothers keepers. As the family has been in God’s hands, are each of us like rotten vessels in “the potter’s hands” (Jer. 18:6,7), until we are saved.

I am named after my grandfather. He died a little after I was born.

Grandfather (fathers) side Jentoft Mikal Bastian Johansen (Borgen)

(Borgen, Olaussen, Bull, Friis, Bolt, Munch, Paus, Spetalen, Stømner, Blaker, Paludan, Munthe-Kaas, Blindheim, Bjørnstad, Marstrand, Stockfleth, Foss, Rømer, Borchsenius, Wessel)



For 6-7 generations, my family was priests in Vågå. And just like Edvard Munch (as his connection to Vågå), in many ways, so do I. It is the struggle my ancestors did that turns into text in me, which turns not into pictures, but into words. A simple sailor can honor my family in the best possible way, I do my best by passing on their values, sharing their values. They did their job. Jesus’ order was clear  for the apostles; Go to the Israelites abroad (we was in Europe already by then), when the Jews rejected him (Matt. 10:6).

The apostles went to Europe and Asia Minor, there they found us; The Israelites. My ancestors on both sides kept the country Christian for 1000+ years, each in their own way, send sent missionaries to do the Great Commission what Jesus instructed. The Giske family with weapons in hand (, the Borgen/Johansen family on my grandfather’s side with the Bible in hand, priestly family. The order of the covenant is: Bring the Gospel to the whole world. Done deal.

Norway on the times of the Vikings comprised of Norway, Scotland, Hebrides and Orkneys. On Orkneys today there is political claims that they will go back to belong to Norway.

Harald IV Magnusson Gille Gilchrist is one of my more very special ancestors in my direct bloodline. His name Gilchrist mean “Servant of Christ“. In his daughter Margrethe and son Sigurd my family split in two separate bloodlines, AND they was united again in my mother and father. So my father was actually married to one of his ancient far removed cousins. Of all the places he could go from North Norway where he was born, he came “home” to the root of his family, where my mothers family have lived all the time. What are the odds, without #GodsFinger directing this?

My maternal grandfather. Fisherman. Died at sea in 1932, leaving behind four small children and wife. My relative Magnar worked all his life at Sunnmøre Museum, and I saw his placards in genealogical research that we descended from Harald Hårfagre when I was little, so I knew it. But now I have proved that Magnar was right. Don’t laugh at the village originals. Laugh at all the mass conscious who are all more or less bad copies of each other.

“Then you will see this, and your heart will be glad,
And your bones will flourish like the new grass;
And the hand of the Lord will be made known to His servants,
But He will be indignant toward His enemies.” – Isaiah 66:14

One bloodline is possible. Two is not probable. Three lines of ancestry to the royal bloodline are impossible, unless #GodsHand is in it.  It is more like a divine comedy, God showing off his hand, spiritual people will see, while for carnal words of the Spirit is foolishness, of those who shall perish (1 Corinthians 1:18). For the spiritual void people – the reprobates, the profane- the words of God as of Jesus or his apostles and prophets sounds foolish. Mene, mene tekel, ufarsin (Acts 13:41).

“The LORD shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion: rule thou in the midst of thine enemies…” – Psalm 110:2,3

Morfar Oskar Jensinius Nilssøn Kalvø

(Blindheim, Ulla, Nogva, Fjørtoft, Galtung, Kane, Rømer)


It is easy to review and check my work. Just make sure that each person has got the right mother/father, based on available serious public sources, and other private individuals’ genealogy. I haven’t done all of this. I have only made use of other people’s work with genealogy, really. I’m just good at putting together information scattered in many places, systematizing it using computer tools.

My grandmother’s side. She raised four children during the war alone. My grandfather died fishing at Stadt in 1932.

Grandmother Elina (Lina) Edvarda Karoline Kalvø (born Giske)

(Giske, Rekkedal, Blindheim, Gille, Semmingsen, Borgen, Smør, Standal, Hovden, Rebbestad, Follestad, Arnesson, Urka Blindheim, Rømer, Haraldsson)

The divine comedy in this is that my father and mother are actually “distant cousins”. The family split in and after King Harald IV Magnusson Gille (Gilchrist) (king from 1130-1136), when some two direct bloodlines goes direct from daughter Margrethe Gille Hallkjellson Huk (born Haraldsdatter) and one bloodline from her brother Sigurd II Munn Haraldsson, was thus united again in my father and mother in 1953. He was called Gilkrist in Scotland / Orkney Islands where he was born, that means “Servant of Christ“.

Grandmother Anette Sakrine Johanne Johansen (born Semmingsen Bersvendsen)

Do you think the fourth and last genealogy also leads to Harald Hårfagre? Names in that line are;

Semmingsen, Bersvendsen, Spetalen, Thrane, Meldal, Brochmand, Blæs, Bless, Blaisi, Gamst. It was more difficult to find data for that family line than the other three.

The raisin in the sausage in the end. My father died a few years ago, without any knowledge whatsoever, without a hint of awareness of what I have found out now, that of all places in Norway and the world, when he came from northern Norway to Sunnmøre for herring fishing after the war, then he ended up in the middle of the Giske family’s starting point, and still without knowing it, he was then back to his roots, his real roots; The Giske family, he even married there, with a woman of common ancestors. That’s the #Finger of God.

Those who do not believe in God after this are either stupid or too reprobate enemy of God denying logic of hate for God, there is no other alternative. Because the probability of this is so small, without God’s Finger in this, it is 100% impossible. Therefore, the first thing I thought when I saw what revealed itself to me in the genealogical research; “The Divine Comedy“. It is what it is. God in his great and exalted omnipotence, in demonstrative greatness proves his own existence, how to work in the background without being seen. All those people thought themselves they choose their own partners, but behind it all God have directed their paths and choices, kept the family blood clean for thousands of years. In each generation it could go wrong, but in each generation God have directed their choice of partner, to keep the blood of Jacob-Israel clean to the Endtimes, as promised. And the bastard Jews believe themselves to be Israelites. 🙂

Where we humans who are only like unfinished pots of clay in the “hand of the potter” (Jeremiah 18:6). We have our lives with free wills, all we can chose is within a specified parameter. We don’t control the rest. That is where GOD’S WILL comes in, with and for us, all of us. This is where we can see the Almighty “hand of God”. Even the Satanists are there, under the mercy or justice of the same Almighty. Little we can do about it.

Borgen-Johansen, North-Norway DIRECT to Giske-ætta

MyHeritage - Relasjonsdiagram - Jentoft Mikal Bastian Johansen - Torberg Arnesson av Giske


THAT is why Esau was unfit, and THAT is why Jacob’s seed is hated today, because Jacob’s spirit hates thieves, murderers and rulers, and the seed of Esau hates us for trying to stop their perversities. The Edom-Jews NAZI Khazars of Esau will ALMOST manage to exterminate us, but only almost, God promised to save a REMNANT of us.

Then it’s their turn, an eye for an eye; then they will be in the “furnace” (Ob. 1:18), and then the biblical scenario is over. They even overthrew our royal thrones, the throne that was supposed to secure Christ as King of kings (Isa. 9:6), with the secured the Bernadottes and Windsors of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Satan as today’s royal house allows his spirit to win the nation I wrote about that in this article;

God said; People must be allowed to choose their rulers, whom they want as their kings and worship (the Bible advises against this, cf. Samuel, 1 Samuel 8:19). God’s people choose good people as their leaders, Satan’s people choose satanic leaders, this is how it has been and this is how it will remain, but God wants this choice to be made consciously from now on. With knowledge of cause and effect.

In fact, it was Climate-Covid-Conflict (War) Inc. taxes and fees that caused Israel’s 10 tribes and Judah-Edom-Levy to split to begin with; Solomon’s son requests taxes and fees for his lifestyle, which Crown Prince Haakon has come to expect in Davos. FROM THAN, the ten tribes of Israel broke away from the tribe of Judah and the Edomites that was part of Judah tribe, formed their own nation, where they did not stop sinning and were again taken captive in Assyria this time, from where they, under Odin’s leadership, like Moses out of Egypt’s captivity, ended up in the continent’s northwestern outskirts and wasteland; Scandinavia, and the “Islands in the sea”; British Isles.

The Jews are not good leaders, because they ONLY think of themselves, like their ancestor Esau. In Norway we always had horisontal govermental. He wanted to serve his stomach, more than God. He cared 0-zero-nada about the covenant with God. Jacob-Israel took it seriously. THEREFORE, Edom-Esau was told that he, as the elder, should serve the younger (Jacob-Israel), cf. Gen. 25:23, until the elderly one day when he becomes impatient after his satanic world empire will break free (Gen. 27:40), and seek to seize world power from God’s Will Jesus Christ in Isa. 9:6 as King of kings instead of the Jewish askeNAZI satanist Klaus Schwab. Jesus is the Chosen One of the Jacob-Israel family, Davids and Jesse’s rootseed, who won over them and decimated them on Calvary. He earned it.

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign


Alan Jackson – How Great Thou Art

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