The Prodigal Daughter – Forbidden Love


This is the story of ‘Amy’, a young beautiful girl that learned to hate her father. Hating her REAL Self was part of the package in the “covenant with Devils”.

This book is dedicated to all the Spiritual Pilgrims on ‘the Way’ Home, to themselves and God (Acts 24:14). Break free, from The Matrix, we’re all more or less imprisoned in. Jesus said: “The Truth will Set Us Free“. Nothing else will.

The hate have no end. Love is loosing, when evil pervert people sit with the powers of the World. Accusations is enough, not needed to be true, to destroy the relationship for life, as in Gjert Ingebrigtsen case today. They know this;

“Say “Sorry” works when a mistake is made but not when trust is broken. So in life, make mistakes but never break trust. Because forgiving is easy, but forgetting and trusting again is something impossible”. – Denzel Washington

The storms of life are not meant by God to destroy you but to train you to trust only yourself.


Jarle Johansen

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OUTLAW Christian conversion. Case of pastor Torben Søndergaard, he is mentioned in the Danish Parliament about christian baptism (conversion): “This is [child] abuse”. During the treatment of Danish bill L139 – an amendment to the family law that criminalizes ‘psychological abuse’, Mads Fuglede of the Venstre party refers to Torben in his speech as “abuser” in baptizing people.  The soviet bolsjevik khazar edomites as per Jesus warning in John. 8:44, Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 in power of the world like to outlaw Christian conversion, like danish Torben is so successful in doing, they arrested Torben and he was imprisoned 1,5 year in Florida without trial,  by the Jewish leadership of Homeland Security. This is how they do “boljevikism” in any nation. Forbid all godly, aka Christian. Exact replica how they made godless atheistic Soviet, USSR (Gro Harlem Brundtlands father Gudmund Harlem was a best friend of the jewish bolsjevik Leon Trotsky (Bronstein), Head of CHEKA, murdering 66 million of our people, the RUS-People (RUS means ‘Scandinavian¨’).

The “Deep State” today make Soviet 2.0 of the western World; “The Great Reset” – marxist : “You will own nothing and be happy“, by bolsjevik jew Klaus Schwab, “take away from children their heritage and they are easily persuaded” [into anything] said the  satanic jewish rabbi Karl Marx Mordechai Levy. The bolsjevik ‘Harlem-Cult’ have made plenty of efforts by the State to convert the children to be anti-God and anti-Family, anti-parents, to hate their parents – as the State is to be childrens only ‘parent’, so they have to stop Torben to teach this, how he do it. Jewish Lenin said “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted”. GOD have a Way, but (((they))) have to forbid it.

The world is a dangerous place, not because of the evil peoples,
but because of all of them that is worshipping and voting for them,
not willing to take appropriate steps against them.

The leader of the satanic ‘Harlem-Cult‘ Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland shall just wait and read the book about «Prodigal Amy», then we speak about «psychological abuse». It is over for them. The Light of the World is here. #JudgementDay. She should be the rest of her years in prison for all the children she have destroyed, and her Cult «psychological abuse», their heavy brainwashing of hate, and killing love, destroying the relationships to their parents, from kindergarten to university, but especially in the Jewish Rulers court system.

The only legal conversion is the one the evil Harlem-Cult did and do to ‘Amy’ and others, learn to hate, killing love, destroy their good relationships to their parents, by heavy brainwashing methods. Forbid the good conversion back to their real Selves.

As one of the Elders of of Sion in United Nations (UN) and former leader of World Health Organization (WHO) Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundtland belongs to the satanic godhaters in the Humanist (un)Ethical Association. They are perverts. No normal people should adhere to anything they say. The ‘Harlem-Cult’ is Gro Harlem Brundtland, Karin Stoltenberg, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Angela Merkel and Erna Solberg, etc, socialistic bolsjevik witches, all of those belongs to the tribe Jesus mention in John. 8:44, Revelation 2.9 & 3.9, later in time called bolsjeviks, edomites, zionists, khazars, etc.; ‘The Deep State’.

Jesus’s good friend Torben Søndergaard is an example how the Bolsjeviks J’s, bolsjeviks that went from Soviet to Israel from 1960 and from Israel to the leadership of Homeland Security and US Congress on double passports, how they like to OUTLAW Christian conversion, in Denmark, and our World. It will be FORBIDDEN and outlawed to Convert “Prodigal Amy” back to her REAL Self, to who God created her to be, by Christian conversion, IF we keep the Jewish Bolsjevik in leadership of the ‘New’ (antichrist) World Order. ‘Amy’ have to stay the way the “Harlem-Cult” forced her to be, for ever they want. Outlaw the ONLY Way, poor Amy can be healed, by a Christian conversion; ‘To Be Born Anew’ (“as a child again”, John 3:3-7).

This book is the map and compass to regain a lost soul. We can supply the map, the road is for ‘Amy’ to take the first step on, and than the long and narrow road home to herself will naturally manifest itself. All long journeys of life start with the first step.

Contrary to God’s instruction to “honor your father and mother“, the ‘Harlem-Cult’ inspire the Satanic opposite and inverted gospel, of cause; hate your parent (father most). A cult that have exported their evil to all the world, by edomite khazar Gro Harlem Brundtland and her apostles though UN and WHO; The Art of Create Hate in a Child. To make children hate their parents and relatives on the fathers side. The Harlem-Cult do all they can to make sure children hate their fathers, the right to hate whoever they want, based on lies and NRL programming of a false narrative in their minds and hearts.

This book tells also the story of ‘Amy’. Normal caring and loving people will feel great pity for ‘Amy’, and will pray for her and want her well. As a daughter setup to hate her father for 25 years, after being set up against him as a young girl, in the custody court case he took on because she wanted to live with him. During the one year he did not see her during the trial, of sabotage, she was turned from one standpoint to the opposite, love to hate. Since then she has hated him, all based on a lie, she had no chance. 25 years later, she learns the truth about what happened in this book. The book is on mental child abuse, and hate implemented in children on industrial basis by the ‘Witches of Harlem‘. Like the #GjertIngebrigtsen case in Norway today, another young girl being setup to hate her father, she will most probably never recover from. This is the story of one other of their victims, ‘Amy’, living in lifelong hatred of her father, and of God, as programmed as a ‘People of the Lie‘.

Those with the “right to create hatred”, those of their fellow feminist manhating ‘sisters of evil”, with the right to engage in psychological child abuse and abuse of type ‘Parental Alienation Syndrome‘ (PAS). Those with the right to kill love between people, to kill God, as the Bible states that “God is Love”, so it is God the edomite bolsjevik women Harlem Brundtland and Karin Stoltenberg hate and murder then. The book is inspired by that fact that the female lawyer Mette Y. Larsen & Co in the ‘Harlem-Cult’ is still at it with Gjert Ingebrigtsen we will see, to set up little girls against their father and teach them to hate him, on false ground, anyway the damage will be done just by the accusations. They know that. That is what they want.

“Say “Sorry” works when a mistake is made but not when trust is broken. So in life, make mistakes but never break trust. Because forgiving is easy, but forgetting and trusting again is something impossible”. – Denzel Washington

They know that it is impossible to forget. True or not have not any relevance. The goal they achieve with the accusations.That is enough. That is why they will never punish lies like that. The Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) in power of the World WANT the lies, welcome them. The hate have no end. They implement it in society, the lies implemented in humans. Love is loosing, when evil pervert people sit with the powers of the World, but Love will always survive, it will just find other outlets.

#JesusChristWins #GodWins #SatanLoose #SynagogueOfSatanLoosers  #BurnInHell

Epilogue from ‘Amy’s father: This book is bigger than about me and ‘Amy’, I understood from Torben Søndergaards story. We are strong enough to live with it, as is. This world under evil satanic leadership (Rev. 20:7) are destroying EVERYONE, not just us, brainwashed into becoming “People of the Lie“, not just ‘Amy’. We are small in the big picture the evil people in leadership of the world want to achieve. Amy’s sad destiny as a victim of VERY evil people, is woven into mine, we had to go through this so God in His right time, could use us and our sad destiny as victims of this very evil people for His purposes. May God help me so that I manage to do the job good enough to stop them now. Nobody in the world would be able to write this book, wasn’t it for YOUR sacrifice of the ultimate quality of your life, you always got only the second best of everything. When they killed me in your life, I just had to say to God; “I love that girl, but she is in your hands now, I have reached the limits of my capacities“. And now it’s #JudgmentDay, 25 years later. EVERYTHING happens for a purpose and a reason, so also for ‘Amy’s tragic destiny. It have a meaning, it have a PURPOSE, it is a sacrifice both have been once willing to take in this incarnation, as (“God’s Finger”); “Not a Sparrow falls to the Earth” (Matt. 10:29). This story could not be told without. Back then it was my “Sparrow” (Edit Piaff called herself ‘The Sparrow’, the songbird), only my ‘Sparrow’ must find her voice within first. She is a journalist after all, inherited her father’s talents, now all that remains is for her to find her way back to his SPIRIT she was born with and of ! Before they killed it, in her. She need to find her own voice, and not the one voice of the ‘Harlem-Cult‘ and her mother echoing through her head 24/7. As a father I have succeeded in my ‘role’. If ‘Amy’ will ever be successful in her life’s purpose we don’t know, if she will spoil her inherited talent only on “fashion and makeup”, she may loose it (Matt. 25:25). If she have been able to protect a tiny small spark of her fathers Spirit, left in her, she will overcome. Remember: A REAL love that ONLY can come from the Inside, NEVER from the Outside, lies dormant waiting to be found. It is to find the Holy Grail. It is worth to chase through Hell and back, killing our demons and illusions are always VERY painful, covers our real Selves. Go for it. I believe in You. You can do it ;

Love yourself as you was born to be originally, in the image of God, your authentic Self, not as the society have programmed you to be through kindergarden, church, school, in the image of Satan (collective, copies of each others). Regain who God created you to be, a free Spirit in an unfree World.

The Greatest Love of All – Lucy Thomas

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