Donald Trump – The Viking Danite


The books intention is to inspire and grow the common interest in our ancestries.

Donald Trump’s mother is an Israelite from the Lewis island in Scotland that once upon the time was a part of Norway, and she is not Jewish, for sure. It as a big difference on Jews and Israelites. Our bloodline have no history of intermarry with Jews. That is a perversion of the last century only. Jews was forbidden in us Nordic Israelites nations until recently. The author uncovers that Donald Trump most probably is from the Tribe of Dan. The Jews may have infiltrated our family of Israelites, and the family of Mary-Anne MacLeod, Donald Trumps mother, by his father, that is an open question. The Tribe of Dan have a habit of marry into inferior mixed blood bastard families, as the Canaanites [descendants of Ham and his son, Canaan], who occupied the northern area of Palestine at Mt. Hermon/Sion. Located at the 33rd degree parallel [latitude AND longtitude from Paris meridian]. (Amos 8:14, 2 Kings 10:29, 1 Kings 12:26-30). Judas Iscariot was of the Tribe of Dan/Gad. One of the first major anti-Christs, preteded to be for Christ, but betrayed Him. (Source)

The Author of the book, tells the Publisher: “All who is doing mayhem in the World today belongs to my family; The Sons of Abraham. The planet shake where the Sons of Abraham rides, fires, bombs, earth shakes and thunder roars, but also LOVE is a trait of Jacob, the Peaceful One, as Rebecca knew and offered him the Scepter, where Esau as his father Isaac’s favorite is hateful, full of vengeance and carnal needs to be fulfilled. Let it be known, even in the best of families, there are satanists, luciferians AND Christians like myself. We may be of the same blood, but we may be of different Spirits, not always a “godly and righteous” Spirit as Abrahams. I want the people of the World to know, – for correct #Judgement of the situation, we are NOT all in our bloodline responsible for creating havoc and mayhem in the World. Many of us is busy to correct the situation, not always successful, but at least we try. God will REVEAL Himself through the Sons of Abraham. I believe you will understand how, after completing my trilogy; “From Genesis to Revelation“, “The Prodigal Daughter” and “The Viking Danite – Donald Trump”.”

The satanic bolsjevik Rabbi Karl Marx Mordechai Levy said: “Take away a nation’s heritage and they are more easily persuaded“. Persuaded into anything, also to transform our nations into the opposite of what we once was; Christian into secular “humane” satanism. Consult the book “Marx and Satan“, by Richard Wurmbrandt. Satanists will always create satanic evil societies. Most important you will learn from this book is the difference of a Jew (Bibi, Marx Levy, Lenin, Trotsky (Bronstein), Herod, Barrabas, Chaiphas) and the Israelites (Jesus, and the Apostles, the anglo-saxon, nordic race, The Caucasians).

The writer share the same ancestry as Donald Trump. The Royal Line of Judah, who according to the Bible shall have the Scepter, we will show we had the Scepter through thousands of years. In short Jews are canaanite Edomites (pagans), and the Israelites have been Christians for 2000 years, in Europe, you will learn. Barack Obama (white mother) and Killary Rodham Clinton is btw of the same family (full ancestry in the book).

Will Donald Trump help the talmudic Chabad Lubavitchers for their jewish bolsjevik New World (global satanic) Order, Empire of the talmudic Beast, or will he be one of the israelites ancestors as the Gilchrists from Scotland judge and helper ? Time will show. Gilchrist means “Servant of Christ”. Many people have some small problems seeing Donald as a Servant of Christ.

“Thus saith the Lord GOD; Because that Edom hath dealt against the house of Judah by taking vengeance,

and hath greatly offended, and revenged himself upon them;

Ezekiel 25:12

What and how will the Tribe of Dan judge their Peoples? Time will tell, shortly #JudgementDay.


Jarle Johansen

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